Product Name : X-Craft Chroma 3000

Product Prices : $16

Brand : Alcatroz

Model : X-Craft Chroma 3000

Made in/by : Product of Singapore, Proudly Made in China

  • Multicolour Backlights-Vibrant full spectrum backlighting
  • Six shortcut keys for easy controls
  • Keyboard Backlight key-ON/OFF keyboard backlighting
  • Soft and silent chiclet keys-Low-profile(2mm) 104 chiclet keys with silent keystrokes
  • Fast actuation and low profile enables fast movements across the keyboard
  • Quality and reliable soft-touch membrane keys
  • UV coated low profile keypads-Provides longer durability of the keypad lettering when compared  with conventional silkscreen keyboards.
  • Warranty 1 year